Manager, Solution Architecture

In this role I managed a team of very professional and experienced Comptel Solution Architect Professionals located in customer faceing offices within the Nordics, Russia, East Europe and Turkey. The team was responsible for provision of Presales, Architectural, Project Planning and Technical Delivery Lead services to Comptel business streams.

I have highlighted some of those business streams below. Comptels goal is to be in a world leading position to offer end-to-end OSS solutions to both current and future customers.

A list of the customers I served while in this role is as follows:

Customer Served while Manager Solution Architecture

Customer Engagement Solutions

Comptel is in the "OSS business" and is continuously driving towards developing their offerings to be more and more inline with New Generation Operations Systems and Software (NGOSS). Basically this means a seperation of Data, Business process and Application. This approach works very well for comptel as it makes their solutions largely scalable allowing their customers to grow without the need to invest in further development or additional product acquisition. Comptels large customer base can attest to the benefits of this approach. Comptels Customer Engagements solutions are all about enhancing the customer experience and allowing CSPs to provide this experience in real-time.

Customer Engagement Solutions

Comptel have been around a long time and are the masters of what they do. They claim to have up to 20% of the worlds mobile transaction data going through their systems in one form or another. Comptel are already very stong in the Provisioning and Mediation Domains (Action and Event in the image to the left). Comptel are putting alot of focus onto the Analysis part of the puzzle. See next section for more on that.

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Contextual Intelligence for Telecommunications (CIQ4T)

Comptels Contextual Intelligence for Telecommunications (CIQ4T) solutions are all about allowing the CSPs to capture and analyse customer data as it is being created or managed within the CSPs environment. Comptel use a whole range of Analytical criteria (and quite alot of mathemetics) to model subscriber behaviour. This information is primarily sourced from mediated information in the CSPs network (the Event part of the image in the previous section. However, modeling input can also come from other sources such as customer care, subcriber preferences and market changes.

Contextual Intelligence for Telecommunications

To put this into context, CSPs need to be able monitor and control how a subscriber uses its physical resources (data pipes mainly) because, as we all know, data consumption is increasing exponentially and the price per unit is doing the opposite. So thats one level - the need to regulate usage in order to ensure quality of service as per agreement by applying this regulation in real time throughout the network. No small task.

The next step (or step up) is to further analyse the data in order to provide a better customer experience (and to prevent churn). The future is all about personalisation and tailor made services for subscribers and Comptel want to be on point to interact with the subscriber in real time and provide excellent customer service. One of the newer solutions that allow this approach is Comptel Social Links.

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