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This was an excellent role within a growing HP business in the region. When I joined HP in 2008, the goal and purpose of my assignment was to protect and develop the business between HP and Optus Australia related to their installed prepay environment. At the time, revenue from this environment accounted for more than 60% of the entire company's monthly reported revenue. This meant that it was not only a critical business area but also that there was increasing competition, both internal and external to Optus, to own that business area.

A large part of my work was to build a relationship with Marketing Operations people in Sydney to ensure continuity in their quest to continue to dominate the market by ensuring that the prepay environment in place could satisfy their needs in a cost effective manner.

Probably the two largest projects undertaken during my tenure were: (link to another page):

Other smaller projects are documented below:

Although primarily serving Optus, I was also deeply involved with other vendors and also with other Optus business areas - a good example being Virgin Mobile Australia:

My HP Australia Customers

Optus Recharge and always Win

Recharge and Win Campaigns

Optus is that kind of operator who tries to make things fun. In partnership with iTouch Optus became quite popular for their Recharge and Always Win campaign. It went a little like this:

  • 1: Recharge (creditcard or voucher/IVR or internet)
  • 2: Recharge is applied in realtime

  • 3: Few minutes later the subscriber gets an SMS with a code (iTouch take care of the provision of the code and the transport (SMS))
  • 4: The subscriber goes onto the internet (link in SMS) and submits the code
  • 5: A random engine kicks in and selects a prize. The scope of the prizes vary from 10 SMSs to a week in Fiji (example only, details may vary)
  • 6: If the prize is a usage unit (Minutes, SMSs, megabytes), the prize is applied to the subscribers account in realtime

The Prepay installation within Optus is responsible for handling all recharges (> $100 million AUD monthly). Recharge information is provided in realtime to enable this particular promotion to work. As the lead Solution Architect for this installation, it was my responsibility to ensure data integrity and platform scalability to handle peak traffic situations.

Note: Image is the property of Optus

Optus to Optus Onnet Charging

Optus prepaid to Optus prepaid pricing and charging is in the control of the prepaid system and therefore was quite elementary to determine diring call setup. However, postpaid subscribers resided on another system (Comverse managed) and, therefore, calls beteen Optus prepay subscribers and Optus postpaid subscribers could not be charged as ONNET in realtime.

There were three parts to this project, each requiring much system monitoring to ensure scalability and data integrity:

  • 1: Provisioning of all postpaid accounts to the prepaid platform.
  • 2: Ensuring realtime lookup capability outside the prepay environment to determine the validity of a postbay destination.
  • 3: Implementation of controls to ensure the integrity of the postpaid account information on the prepaid platform.

Note: Image is the property of Optus

HP OCMP IVR Solution Architecture

IVR Replacement

Due to functional and capacity limitations, the Optus IVR was replaced in order to allow:

  • 1: Greater flexibility in call flow creation and maintainance.
  • 2: Ability to seperate call flow configurations and statistics in a secure manner in accordance to IPSec requirements.

  • 3: Increased capacity as the IVR was one of the main selfhelp centres for Optus prepay subscribers.

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Java based Customer Care interface

As the number of systems in the Optus environment were gradually being consolidated, default legacy interface were being retired and replaced with more modern, supportable technologies.

A more robust J2EE based customer sefcare system was gradually rolled out and selected clients were migrated as part of related projects. Bit by bit!

Controlled Accounts

Projects related to Controlled accounts allowed for the following markiting initiatives:

  • 1: Controlled spend for a particulary resource type (time, events, volume)
  • 2: Controlled spend between specific times of day
  • 3: Controlled spend of one subscribers resources by another subscriber

  • 4: Business/Corporate setup whereby work time transactions are paid but not evenings and weekends (plips over to prepaid or subscribers own postpaid account)
  • 5: Allow for the sharing of account resources anmong many subscribers

Note: Image is the property of Optus

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