This page provides some level of detail on the major roles I have held in my professional career so far.

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Manager, Solution Architecture

In this role I managed a team of very professional and experienced Comptel Solution Architect Professionals located in customer faceing offices within the Nordics, Russia, East Europe and Turkey. The team was responsible for provision of Presales, Architectural, Project Planning and Technical Delivery Lead services to Comptel business streams.

Program Manager / Project Manager

The reason I like and am so comfortable with project management is that all the tools and principles that can be applied to project management can also be applied to our lives. Its very much a people populated and people driven role.

During this role I have had the privilege of meeting some very clever people who have inspired me. A successful project requires focus and commitment, quality preparation and a little bit of luck.

But at the end of the day the project manager is accountable for getting all the pieces of the puzzle together. This takes clever people and resource management. I am intrigued by this part and will endevour to study the art as much as possible.

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Lead Solution Architect

This was an excellent role within a growing HP business in the South Pacific region. When I joined HP in 2008, the goal and purpose of my assignment was to protect and develop the business between HP and Optus Australia related to their installed prepay environment.

This is one of the most interesting roles I have ever had, largely due to the cut throat market I operated in, the polotical forces within the business, the blend of cultures that the region is famous for and, last but certainly not least, I got to experience first hand the birth and initial development of the CMS leg of HP.

HP CMS Account Principal - South Pacific

For HP the South Pacific Region includes Australia, New Zealand and Fiji.

This roled involved the closing of inflight deals, the resurection of dormant or thought to be dead deals and the generation of interest in HP CMS products and solutions in the Region.

Customers included:

Training/Competence Manager

The organisation I worked in was lacking this role and also the corresponding portfolio items. As the delivered solutions increased in complexity and as CBOSS customers started to experience personnel churn, the need for formal training offerenis became obvious. In this role I created training collatoral and processes for:

  • Marketing
  • Customer Care
  • Operations/Administration
  • Data Entry Personnel
  • Marketing Operations/Marketing Initiative Execution
  • Development/Integration Personnel

I have personally delivered more than 100 MAN days of training all over the world.


During my earlier career I sunk quite heavily into the Software Development world. My first Software Engineer job was with Nokia where I created and maintained a C++ Graphical User Interface for a Service Creation Environment. This was at the time when it was thought that SIBs would be the way forward for service creation.

Also, during my time in Nokia I learned alot about LDAP, directories and started using Java quite alot, especially Java beans.

I left Nokia in 2000 and joinced CBOSS (then ICL) and started working on realtime billing solutions sitting on HP NonStop hardware and HP OpenCall INS server software.

I still enjoy software development and am continuously amazed what software developers can achieve in this world.

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