TIGO Prepay upgrade

Project Details

The goal of this project was to perform an upgrade to the TIGO Prepaid platforms to allow TIGO to monetise opportunities while giving them greater for greater capacity and increased performance. At the time of project execution, TIGO had more than 8 million prepay subscribers.

This project was delivered with a team assembled from all relevant departments of CBOSS.
  • Team size/composition: 15-20 (design, development, testing, onsite engineering, project management). Most project team members had multiple responsibilities.
  • Duration: 12 months (5 months onsite)

The project was divided into three distinct, but overlapping phases:

  1. 1 - Scoping, Statement of Work, Contract and Customer Project Planning
  • In addition to the standard Software Product, CBOSS rtBilling, the customer requested some enhancements to the core functionality to allow them to monitor the system in a more efficient manner. This highlighted the need for a development phase to be included in the project.
  • Onsite, together with the customer project and operations teams, I outlined the overall solution and presented the deployment approach
  • Simultaneously, together we created the Statement of Work document which detailed the project deliverables,quality requirements and acceptance criteria. Also, a very clear change control process was agreed
  • Taking the customers, and other key stakeholders, needs into account, the project management plan, resourcing plan (for onsite work) and communications plan were created and baselined.
  • These documents and guides were revisited throughout the project and were key in the success of the project

  1. 2 - Internal Software Development Project
  • Design, development and test teams chosen from different departments
  • As agreed in the communications plan, the customer project was kept informed of the progress of the development project
  • As agreed in the Statement of Work and Test Plan, actual customer data was used as the basis for the testing effort. This made regular reporting easier and more relative. Also the value of the test results was substantially greater than if a set of data had been generated for testing purposes.
  • The software and accompanying documentation were delivered as outlined in the Statement of Work

  1. 3 - Customer Delivery Project
  • Delivery was performed onsite in Colombia by a virtual team of CBOSS specialists. A travel plan was made and budget agreed with the customer as per Statement of Work
  • Number of man days onsite exceeded 300
  • During the Delivery Project, Customer Training was delivered onsite by the project team as per Statement of Work

Project Challenges

The project had quite a few challenges:

  • Key strategic customer for CBOSS - required special attention
  • Customer organization and business focus was constantly changing (Telco de facto) so stakeholder expectation management was challenging
  • Cultural differences - Finland, Russia and Colombia
  • Time difference (-7 hours)
  • We were not the only vendor delivering. This project was dependent on the timeliness of other vendor projects which were behind schedule. We successfully removed (mitigated) those dependencies to ensure success of our project.

Project Result

  • The project delivery was completed one day ahead of schedule and under budget. The project received a 4.5 of 5 rating from the customer. Very successful overall.

About TIGO

Colombia Movil S.A is marketed under the TIGO trademark and is the third largest mobile phone operator in Colombia. It is headquartered in Bogota, D.C

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